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Known Quantities

Tried, Tested, Tasted, and Tasty Recipes

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Easy cooking for the busy vegetarian. Or the lazy one.
A collection of tried, tested, tasted, and tasty recipes. In short, known quantities.

A little bit of background: knownquantities was set up by three sisters-- pynelyf (mod), basilthyme, freshcarp --who are vegetarian, enjoy cooking, have similar tastes, but live far apart, as a means of sharing recipes we enjoy with each other. Thus, we are the only ones who have posting access.

With the sudden upsurge of membership, I know other people might want to post their favorite veg*n recipes too, but after consideration, we've decided that this food blog was meant to reflect our tastes and we want to hold on to that. This blog is more along the lines of movie reviews but with food rather than about recipe sharing. There are, however, a lot of amazing and active lj vegetarian cooking communities that allow all members to post their recipes if that is what you're interested in (see: lazy_veggie , vegancooking, vegan_vixen , vegrecipes , healthy_recipe).

At the same time, we love suggestions for new recipes to try out, so I'd like to use the intro post as a place for all members to post recipe recommendations in the comments. If one of the three of us has the ingredients, the time, and the inclination to try out your suggested recipe, and falls in love with it, we'll write it up (with due credit, of course!) as a full post for the community. If you've tried modifications on a posted recipe, I'd also like to encourage you to post your suggestions in the comments for that recipe.

Welcome and Happy Cooking!